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It is any chemical substance formulated or compounded as single active ingredient or in combination of other pharmacologically active core, the product proposed for internal or external or for use in the medical diagnosis, cure, treatment or prevention of disease.

Today the pharmaceutical industry is characterized by intense competition from too many contributors and new drug offerings being made, Pharmaceutical companies are forced to reduce overheads, production costs and improve productivity those only staying in competitors. The companies are able to produce new products in shortest time to market and offer their customers, regulatory compliance also plays a very important role in the scenario with companies who fall up on compliance having to face the legal and market implications.

Our Capabilities and Benefits:

  • High Quality, Significant cost savings and transparent development processes.
  • Applications for regulatory compliance and submission management.
  • Automation in Pharmaceutical sales for web application development
  • Finance and accounting automation, online payment systems
  • High quality application and faster time-to-market with new drugs.
  • Customers feedback and solutions, globally reach through web application.