JSA e-Waste

JSA e-Waste

What is E-Waste?
E-waste is defined as electronic or electrical equipments/prodcuts that have become obsolete because of advancement of technology or change in fashion.

Why Should we Recycle/Reuse/Renew?

  • Economic Benefits: Revenue generation from recovered materials.
  • Environmental Benefits: Natural resource conservation and Reduction in environmental pollution.
  • Social Benefits: Employment generation and Employment opportunity
  • The Earth Natural resources are limited and hence we make sure that we preserve them and use them carefully.
  • To Eliminate Landfill.
  • To save mother earth by preventing air pollution, water and soil pollution.

Our Processes:
We Recycle / Reuse / Renew end of Life, Obsolete, Discarded Electronics and Electrical Equipments like Computers, Monitors, CPUs, Peripherals, CRT’s, Servers, Printers, Plotters, Fax Machines, Scanners, Copiers, Mother boards, Printed Circuit Boards, Laptops, CDs, Floppies, Tapes, Cartridges, Telephones, Cell phones, Telecom Equipments, TVs, Audio & Video, Dry cells, Lithium Batteries, Card Readers, Swipe machine, fans, Electrical Items (Regulators, Meters, Switches, Starters, Chokes, converter, Wires, Cables etc), HUB’s, LCDs etc in ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY WAY

Our Services:

  • Data Destruction & Data wiping Services both ON-SITE & OFF-SITE Internationally and Pan India Locations
  • Used IT Asset Buyback Solutions
  • Resale of Renew and Refurbished Electronics and Electrical Equipments
  • AMC Service & Spare Parts support for used IT assets
  • Rental Services of these Rnew & Refurbished Electronics and Electrical Equipments